StopClone  is  a  leading  cybersecurity  company  that  protects  organisations’  worldwide.  StopClone  helps  and  supports  customers  around  the  world  in  the  fight  against  online  fraud  without  the  need  for  software  or  any  type  of  system  integration.  Small  and  medium  sized  organisations  worldwide  rely  on  StopClone  to  mitigate  their  most  critical  security  and  compliance  risks  across  email,  social  media,  and  the  web.  No  one  protects  people,  the  data  they  create,  and  the  digital  channels  they  use  more  effectively  than  StopClone.

Outdated view of an attack

As we move our IT infrastructure to the cloud, the old defend-the-perimeter approach no longer works. People work everywhere, anytime, and on all manner of devices.

Modern view of an attack

Cybersecurity attackers have shifted their focus from infrastructure to people. No matter how well you’re managing your IT infrastructure, you can’t patch your way out of these people-centered attacks. Human nature is the vulnerability.


24/7 customer support (real person)
No need for system integration
Global daily domain monitoring
Over 10 years experience
Full digital policing

StopClone provides the quickest takedowns with the least fuss. All of our packages include this service.

StopClone is a trading name of Kazton Limited. Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. Registered in England and Wales No. 13064232. VAT No. GB370189393. Phone: +44 (207) 1172812. Email: support@stopclone.co.uk.